Who is Vision Systems?
Vision Systems is a creator, leader and educator in the Interactive Broadband Industry. Through our interactive television, telephone and high-speed Internet services, we change the way people work, learn and play, now and in the future. We are committed to all the communities we serve.

What is Broadband?
Broadband is a fiber with enormous capacity and two-way capabilities powerful enough to change the way things are done. And Vision Systems installs fiber throughout all of the properties it serves, creating our Interactive Broadband Network. Once connected to this network you have the power to do things never thought possible. You'll have the ability to go to a town meeting while at home with your kids, buy the perfect court side seats without going to the box office, play games and the speed to download full-color moonscapes from NASA's Web site faster than the blink of an eye.

What will the future bring?
Our Interactive Broadband Network delivers superior entertainment and information as well as communications products and services. People enjoy everything from movies and video games to customized local sports, weather and news - all at the touch of a button. Vision Systems's high-speed internet access makes downloading from the Net up to 50 times faster than an ordinary phone line- providing the fastest internet connection to the home. And Vision Systems also offers you a better way to get your local telephone service, providing you the reliability and clarity of digital technology with a full range of advanced call management capabilities.

The Vision Systems Vision.
We believe Broadband is the way our children and our world will move forward. It is the way we will work. It is the way we will play. It is the way we will learn. Now and in the next generation, it is the way our inspiration will arrive.
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